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The Academy of Medical Sciences (the “Academy”)

Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”): governing personal data received as part of any funding grants or mentoring and career development schemes (or similar) (the “Schemes”)

The Policy provides information on how the Academy will process any personal data received as part of any Schemes from both successful and unsuccessful applicants for participation in such Schemes (the “Applicants”) and anyone associated with such Schemes (for instance, but not limited to, those who mentor Applicants as part of any mentoring scheme or those who, or who are part of any company that, fund any grants) (the “Associates”).

The Academy aims to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and is committed to upholding the data protection principles.

All Applicants' and Associates’ data

The Academy processes any personal data received for purposes associated with applications for, awards in relation to, and the management/operation of any of the Schemes as follows:

  • the drafting, submission and processing of any Applicant’s application/proposal;
  • resolving any queries which any Applicant or any Associate may raise in relation to any of the Schemes;
  • the operation of any of the Scheme’s processing and management information systems (including, without limitation, corresponding about any of the Schemes with any company that funds the Scheme);
  • the management/operation of any of the Schemes;
  • the acquisition of UK and/or international reviewers' and panel assessors' comments on any of the Schemes;
  • the preparation of material for use by referees, assessors, and assessment panels in relation to any of the Schemes;
  • payments made in relation to any of the Schemes;
  • statistical analysis in relation to the evaluation of research and the study of trends in relation to any of the Schemes;
  • reporting to funders, including the Government, on the impact any of the Schemes;
  • any other Academy funding or mentoring opportunities;
  • inviting any Applicant to participate in surveys about the level of services provided in relation to any of the Schemes;
  • the organisation of Academy meetings and events;
  • in relation to Academy publications and events;
  • in relation to personal development opportunities;
  • Academy policy and strategy studies;
  • annual reporting linked to an Applicant’s grant or mentoring;
  • ·other appropriate Academy business; and
  • Compliance with any legal or regulatory obligations

    To maintain public accountability, the Academy may publish, including on its website, or disclose into the public domain, details of any of the Schemes.  Applicants and/or Associates will have the right to request that information they consider to be sensitive is not disclosed (to do so please contact:

    Information which will be disclosed in this way may include:

  • details of successful Applicants (title, forenames, initials, surname);  names of the UK and/or international host research organisation and department; the type of award; the title of the awarded project; and/or
  • technical and non-technical abstracts of any awarded proposal; value and duration of the award; name(s) of project partner organisations; applicant's nationality.

    The Academy aims to be as open as possible in informing others about how it conducts its business.  Any personal data provided in relation to any of the Schemes may be used to provide information on Academy activities to allow the Academy to respond to enquiries from relevant Government departments (or similar) and to respond to enquiries from various sources.  Law enforcement agencies may require the Academy to disclose information held in the system. 

    The Academy will not disclose this information to other parties except where the information is:

  • required as part of the legitimate purposes of the Academy;
  • already in the public domain or gets into the public domain through no fault of the Academy;
  • provided to the Academy from any third party who had a lawful right to disclose it to; or
  • already rightfully in the Academy’s possession and not confidential at the time of its receipt.

Maintenance of data

The Academy will maintain any personal data held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Any Applicant or Associate is responsible for maintaining their personal data, including contact details, as being up-to-date. Any Applicant or Associate should notify the Academy if any personal data is incorrect or out of date or registered users of any relevant online application portal (for instance the online grant management system) might also be able to access and update their details online. The Academy will then consider how best to update the data.  In some instances, in order for the Academy to carry out core business, an Applicant’s or Associate’s contact data may be amended by Academy staff.  Any Applicant or Associate will be notified of such changes.

Data Retention

The Academy is committed to retaining a true and accurate record of the core activities and business of the Academy in relation to any of the Schemes for archival and business purposes, while destroying records and data the Academy considers to be redundant.

The Academy's default record retention period in relation to any personal data received in relation to any of the Schemes is (a) five years in relation to unsuccessful Applicants and (b) five years after the end of any Scheme in relation to successful Applicants and/or Associates to any such Scheme, after which data and records must be destroyed unless there is a stated business need, legal or statutory requirement, or a perceived historical value to retain the record.

Equal opportunities monitoring

To help the Academy meet its commitment to equal opportunities, it may carry out monitoring of certain information relating to Applicants and Associates.  This currently covers ethnic origin, gender and disability.  The Academy does this by occasionally asking Applicants and/or Associates to complete a questionnaire.

The questionnaires are then kept by the Academy on an anonymous basis. In the future the Academy may also collate the information from the questionnaires into anonymous statistics.

Third parties

Please note that the processing described above may also include, where necessary, disclosing such information outside the Academy to third parties (for instance in relation to any provider of online services (e.g. in relation to online grant management)) and the Academy will ensure that any such third party complies with its similar obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. 

Data transfer outside the EEA

Where it reasonably considers it necessary for the fulfilment of any of the processing listed above, the Academy may transfer any Applicants’ or Associates’ personal data outside the EEA.

General Privacy Notice and Statement for [SCHEME] (the “Scheme”)

By undertaking this application and/or participating in this Scheme you accept that the Academy of Medical Sciences (the “Academy”) will control and process personal data about you.

You further accept that any such personal data will be processed in the way set out below and in the Academy’s “Data Protection Policy: governing personal data received as part of any funding grants or mentoring and career development schemes (or similar)” (the “Policy”) (a copy of which has been provided to you as part of this application and/or document pack).

Information that you have supplied with this application and/or as part of your participation with this Scheme will be used to process your application and/or for any purposes related to your participation with this Scheme (including, but not limited to, as set out in the Policy).  In addition it will be used for the purposes of any audit or evaluation.  It may be disclosed to external peer reviewers (or similar) some of whom may be based outside the EEA (and you explicitly consent to such a transfer of data outside the EEA).

The Academy seeks to ensure that the peer review process is open and transparent. As such the following outlines which information concerning the assessment and peer review of applications may be disclosed. Each request for information must be treated on its own merits. The Academy may provide anonymised feedback about peer reviews and panel comments to applicants. Names of, or information which would identify peer reviewers and panel members will not normally be disclosed to applicants or third parties. 

Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Academy may publish basic details of your application and/or your participation in any Scheme and/or anonymise your personal data for research and statistical purposes.  The Academy may release details of successful applications (including your name, institution, project title, and the scientific abstracts and lay summaries of the research as appropriate) into the public domain (in whatever media).

By agreeing to this Privacy Notice and Statement, you have explicitly consented to your personal data being processed by the Academy in the way set out above and in the Policy.   Please note this Privacy Notice and Statement and the Policy are to be read in conjunction with any other agreements between you and the Academy relating to data protection.  

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